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About Us > The Team Approach

Site Solutions Worldwide holds itself to the highest standards in customer service. The Executive Team continually reviews policies and procedures to ensure quality work is being produced by the entire staff regardless of position. A team approach has been adopted by the company using the following principles as a guide:

  • Trust one another
  • Engage in unfiltered conflict around ideas 
  • Commit to decisions and plans of actions
  • Hold one another accountable for delivering against those plans
  • Focus on the achievement of collective results

We believe that by mastering these standards, each and every person that is employed by SSW develops good communication skills, great work ethics, enhanced creativity,  good time management skills and are people that care about other people.

The team concept is adopted by staff members from the moment they join the team. New employees receive a “team boot camp” sweatshirt  while they work on completing a service oriented workbook.  The sweatshirt is representative of them having to earn a spot on the team.  The workbook was designed to ensure new potential team members would learn about the services that Site Solutions Worldwide offers, expectations of the quality of work produced and ensures they understand industry standards. Upon completion of the workbook after their first 90 days the new staff members officially become part of the team and receive a team jersey with their name and year of hire. The team jerseys are worn with pride by all team members to every staff meeting and are displayed in staff offices when not being worn to represent their commitment to the team.

Because the team concept is not just a thought, but a way of life at Site Solutions Worldwide, has developed team activities continuing each year of service beyond the initial 90 days. Participation in the “Advanced Team Program” is expected of all employees on a yearly basis. Each employee is given a wide variety of activities to participate in to enhance the team concept and grow as individuals. Points are earned for each activity and a minimum number of points per year are required.   Activities range from industry related education, to community service.

Team members are also encouraged to nominate each other for in-house awards as part of this program. This team concept has proven to having long term staff who are recognized by our clients as highly trained with great communication providing high levels of service and increased productivity.

How we become an extension of your staff:

Using the team approach, the first step in planning an event for every client is establishing a program team based on the services required for that event. Once a team is established the team meets to create a timeline to be shared with the client. This timeline provides a guide for both the team and the client to ensure deadlines are being met and no detail of the program is overlooked. All team members at Site Solutions Worldwide and the client office are encouraged to make updates to the timeline. There are also internal weekly team meetings and, depending on the client, either weekly or monthly staff to staff meetings via teleconference. As the program progresses, the Executive Team members attend internal and staff to staff meetings to oversee that all team members are adhering to the timelines and serve as support in the event a challenging situation arises. By having these procedures in place we are able to address issues as they occur rather than waiting for an issue to become a problem.

Each program team includes a Lead Meeting Planner who oversees the project from beginning to end and is the main contact for the client. Additionally Site Solutions Worldwide has an Executive Team in place to oversee day to day operations and review procedures to ensure quality programs are being produced. Site Solutions Worldwide incorporates a variety of individual staff reviews to ensure our standards are being met by all. Individual mentoring, monthly staff meetings, individual quarterly accomplishment reviews, and yearly individual performance appraisals are methods utilized to monitor team progress. Debriefing meetings to discuss what was successful and what might have been done better are held internally among team members as well as with client staff.

By using the team structure on programs we have multiple eyes on the projects at hand. This enables the team members to identify items that may be overlooked or foresee where team members may need assistance in completing a certain task by the deadline. By sharing the timelines and keeping communications open with the clients we are able to stay ahead of potential problems.

Because the Site Solutions Worldwide staff is working on multiple programs for various clients within the same time period, quality and productivity go hand in hand. The established team approach enhances productivity.  Based on the program timeline each team member is responsible for a piece of the meeting and has set deadlines to meet. These timelines and deadline dates are shared with the clients to ensure the client is providing the team member with the information needed to complete a task in the timeframe established by the timeline. Weekly meetings are held by the team to address any potential problems that may prevent a deadline from being met. Workload is evaluated and shifted as necessary in order to meet deadlines.

Site Solutions Worldwide has been working with Corporate, Association and Government clients with programs of varying sizes simultaneously for many years and has never had a failure. Development of our Executive Team, strong communication through weekly timeline exchange, teleconferencing, phone and e-mails and assigning project managers to oversee projects are a key part of our success.

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